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The challenge

Create inspiring spaces for connecting people and accessible platforms for sharing knowledge.

A leading player in Indonesia and part of the Mitsubishi banking group, Bank Danamon asked us to transform it's branch network to better represent their ‘Guiding Light’ brand purpose and adapt to the fast-changing needs of their customers.

The big idea

Offer consumers the opportunity to improve skills, knowledge and confidence, welcoming them into  a community that seeks out the new, and delights in learning.

Modular Approach

We have created a family of branch formats that are tailored to individual customer life styles and reflect the character of each location. We achieved this by designing a selection of flexible 'building blocks', each designed to cater for a particular customer need. By combining the appropriate modules, a family of insight-led branch types can be created to specifically match the needs of each location across the network.

New Operating Model

Each of the new branch types has its own operating model that seamlessly integrates the roles and responsibilities of staff with the processes and technology. This approach has ensured that the new branches deliver quality of customer experience that in turn has led to maximise sales performance. A better lived experience not just a set of new design elements.

Privilege Lounge

We created an elevated experience for Premium customers. The experience allowed customers to relax in a private lounge that featured a hospitality bar, event spaces, private meeting rooms and areas to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs from the local community.

I-AM has helped Danamon transform its retail branches from a model focused on transactions to a relationship model with a strong focus on advisory and community engagement, the lounge style design provides privacy and comfort for financial discussions while also offering a showcase to engage our local customers. A real first in Indonesia.

Andreas Kurniawan, Chief Digital & Analytics Officer at Bank Danamon

Life-Led Learning Platform

At the heart of the new concept lies a digital platform that facilitates ongoing learning at any time of the day. This allows customers to access tutorials, hear about upcoming events, share knowledge and network within the community. This hybrid digital and physical approach maximises the benefits of each channel and ensures that Danamon can support and scale their purpose of helping customers get ahead.

Roll Out

The new branch formats were trialed in 2022 in Jarva and Sumatra. Following the outstanding business performance of these five pilot sites the programme received approval for full rollout throughout Indonesia. 50 sites have since been completed.

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