We're a team of open-minded individuals supporting and inspiring each other to create wonderful experiences.

We value

Team spirit

Something amazing happens when individual talents combine forces around a combined vision. Our bond with each other inspires us to achieve or collective purpose.


Humans have a unique ability to envision the world not just as it is but how it can be. Together we combine the power of daydreaming with ideas to see new possibilities.

Creative thinking

Inventiveness has the most impact when it’s harnessed to intelligence. We are intrinsically drawn to things that are both beautiful and meaningful.


Every idea needs a driving force of boldness and integrity to flourish. We are determined to challenge barriers to positive change.

Meet our team



Jon Blakeney

Group Partner & Managing Director

Emre Kuzlu

Group Partner & Managing Director

Quiet Assassin

Ertuğrul Yurdakul

Group Partner & Director of 3D Design

Experience Doc

Erdem Demir

Group Partner & Insights and Digital Director

Pete Champion

Group Partner & Creative Strategy Director

Daydream Believer

Pero Trivunovic

Group Partner & Brand Director



Nalan Yenigün Eren

Group Marketing & New Business Director


Becky Mailen

Client Strategy Director


Zeynep Durukan

Client Services Director

Busy Bee

Sedef Şener

Managing partner, I-AM Construct


Raghdan Hassan

Creative & Strategy Director

Organise Mastermind

Merve Güner

Lead Account Manager


Smile Maker

Paul Tynan

Creative Director

Veteran Plate-Spinner

Ben Russell

Branding Director

Moon Walker

Orkun Demirelli

Creative Director


Kirsty Vance

Associate Director of Interior Design

Planner Extraordinaire

Katie Waters

Associate Director of Branding & Digital


Sumeet Ahmad

Architecture & Delivery Director

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