Research & insights

Enriching experiences are grounded in understanding human behaviour. Our knowledge of motivations & needs informs every part of our work.

Primary Research

We establish what’s most important to potential consumers and brand stakeholders by gathering primary data through interviews and surveys.

Design Research

By employing methodologies such as contextual enquiry, co-design workshops and diary studies, we enrich our understanding of authentic user behaviour.

User Journey Mapping

Our unique processes use storytelling and detailed research to choreograph people’s functional and emotional experience within spaces, digital products & services.

Creative strategy

The reason a brand exists is as important as how it’s expressed. Our creativity has intelligent, informed thinking at its heart.

Design Strategy

By combining design research and trend insight, we create strategic principles to define engaging and effective brand journeys and experiences.

Idea Generation

Using powerful creative thinking techniques such as “lotus blossom”, “brainwriting” and “reverse thinking” we generate new approaches to challenges and opportunities.

Idea Prioritisation

Deliverability is key. That’s why we create structured frameworks to align initiatives with business impact and technical capabilities

Interiors & Architecture

Physical experiences are the ultimate manifestation of any brand. The best of them transform, enhance and inspire.

Format Strategy

We are experts at defining different types of spaces where brands connect with and serve people based on insights into their daily lives.

Interior Design

As the most immersive brand experience, we design all kinds of environments that facilitate ideal customer journeys and lift the spirit.


Buildings are the ultimate brand icon. We integrate great architectural statements with complete brand strategies.

Digital & UX

In a digital first world, on-line experiences are the make-or-break of brand touch points. Our human centric solutions are driven by in depth insight.

User Experience Design

By turning our research data into effective user flows and wireframes we engage with people on a functional and emotional level.

User Interface Design

We deliver visual impact through a comprehensive design system to be evolved and sustained into the future.

User Testing

Using prototypes, we conduct UX testing ensuring the intended impacts are achieved ahead of final development and launch.


Brands are built on creating emotional connections between people and propositions. Our structured, collaborative processes are designed to do exactly that.

Strategy & Positioning

Our insight-led methodologies define critical value propositions and founding principles enabling brands to be relevant and distinctive.

Brand Creation

We define a compelling brand story, from the very essence and name generation to full brand identity. Expressing your unique story as a memorable and evocative brand.

Application & Activation

We translate distinctive identities across brand touch points, creating moments of joy and connection with consumers leading to enhanced business performance.

Our people inspired approach helps us to define remarkable brand experiences that change the way people think, feel and behave

How we do it
User Centred design process

Design has the power to ensure truly exceptional presences which look great, work well, and inspire. But only if it is oriented around deep insight into the specific functional and emotional needs of the target audience. We have put this principle at the heart of every project we do, developing unique tools and methods to make it happen effectively and swiftly.


We are highly attuned to the changes happening around us: The context within which we work is in constant flux. So, we study, interpret and use our insights into the dynamic landscape of people’s lives to influence our work, ensuring its relevance alongside its distinctiveness in standing out from the pack.