İş Mekan

From Bank Branch to Life-Led Experience Hub.


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Branded Experience and Interior Design

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Find Out How We Transformed the İşbank Experience
The challenge

Transform the branch space in to a place to build lasting connections with the community.

With fewer clients visiting the branch as a result of their digital platforms, İşbank sought new ways to connect to present and future customers while also creating opportunities for the community to use the space and explore retail and cafe offers.

The big idea

Creating a hub for people to work, shop, play and learn by utilising the İşbank ecosystem.

A New Generation Banking Concept

A thorough service design process provided us with the insight for creating the space the brand envisioned as well as building our strategy for a welcoming experience that catered to people with low branch visit frequencies.

Breaking Away from Corporate Design Language

İş Mekan was designed with the colours and illustrations representing a new generation that differ from the corporate colours of İş Bankası. The wooden panels used on the facade transform the space into a modern and enjoyable living area, away from the corporate bank architecture, appearing unexpectedly amongst the historic buildings of the area.

In creating a new generation living and working space, I-AM worked with us not as a consultant but as members of our team. Their guidance and efforts helped us create this extraordinary space.

Hakan Aran, CEO at İş Bankası

A Digital Gateway to the Physical Experience

The İş Mekan app is a true extension of the space and allows users to experience the offered services seamlessly by reserving and accessing meeting rooms with just a few taps. Visitors can also order coffee or other refreshments directly from the app. Following the user centric design principles, we made sure that the app serves as an assistant, suggesting the most relevant actions for each step of these journeys on the homepage; ensuring a smooth and efficient visit.

Generate Excitement and Joy

The app keeps users up to speed on a variety of interesting events and courses and allows them to simply reserve their space. Because one of the app's goals is to promote foot traffic, we used a visual language that conveys curiosity with components that generate a sense of urgency to make users excited for their visit. Furthermore, for the display of the products featured in İş mekan spaces, we developed a design language that inspires people to visit the store to try them out.

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