Nike Customer Experience Design

Turning Big Data Into Art


Experience Module Creation
User / Customer Insight
Branded Environment and Interior Design
Brand Communication

The challenge

To create a unique and engaging experience that combines art and technology to promote the Nike Air Max 720.

We developed an in-store launch and activation strategy for the Air Max 720. The aim was to create an experience that would reinforce the reasons why the shoe was so popular with consumers and simultaneously produce a halo effect of awareness around the product.

The big idea

A massive laboratory atmosphere where we merged science and art, emphasising the newest technologies employed in the production.

Emotion Lab

The emotional responses of customers who tried the shoes were digitally recorded in our laboratory, where we wanted to generate customer interest and encourage them to test the product.

Refik Anadol’s Art

We collaborated with artist Refik Anadol to construct a digital piece using 'big data' gathered from 720 individuals over the course of a month.

Digital Experience

In addition to these 'data sculptures,' Nike's chosen flagship shops featured items made by a new generation of artists employing big data. The experience area and data sculptures drew a lot of attention and helped the Air Max 720 launch by boosting consumer traffic in these locations.

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