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User / Customer Insight

Primary User Research and Analysis

Brand Positioning and Proposition

Name Generation

Brand Identity

UI and UX Design

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Watch the Project Story and Find Out How We Handled Pokus Design
The challenge

Digitalise everyday cash usage and money transfer for for a broad customer base.

Making up 30% of the entire Turkish population, unbanked people are an underserved target group for many financial institutions. Turk Telekom, one of Turkey’s leading telco operators, saw this opportunity and aimed to offer an easy-to-use alternative to cash. With this objective, we worked together to create their digital wallet, Pokus. We set the digital strategy, including deciding on which sub-target group to aim for, and defining the functional roadmap of the app.

The big idea

Focusing on youth as the underserved target group; their unmet needs and their usage patterns and attitudes.

Magic in Your Pocket

Among various unbanked user groups, the youth stood out as having the most potential and thus became the target group for this project. In line with their needs and attitudes, our aim was to provide a hassle-free experience evoking a sense of surprise and joy. This quest for delight led us to the concept of magic, which became the core essence of our brand. We believe that handling finances should be a magical experience.

Digital Wallet to Make Life Easier

Researching the youth group's relationship with money in their daily life, we saw that having the freedom and ability to make hassle-free payments was of utmost importance. To ensure that making any payment is easy as 1, 2,3 we minimised the number of taps necessary to complete a transaction. We also meticulously crafted the visuals and animations to reflect the brand's essence, a touch of magic.

Our deep understanding of the daily lives of the potential users before we started the project, helped us pinpoint the needs of the target group which translated into the branding as well as the functions of the app. We are continuing to support Turk Telekom, helping them evolve the app with strategic insights that elevate the user journey, making this a well-loved app – truly full of magic.

Erdem Demir, Group Partner, Insights & Digital Director at I-AM

P2P Money transfers Made Fun

To keep the youth free and on the move, another need surfaced the ability to easily send and request money from others. We made sure that this can be done effortlessly but we wanted to go beyond mere convenience. With the ability to add customised messages to your transactions, we encourage emotional exchanges between users. Celebrate milestones, express gratitude, or simply add a touch of personality to their money transfers.

Offers That Make Sense

The target group, is sensitive to offers and campaigns, only if they make sense and it does not add “yet another” friction in their life. This was our main reference point while designing pages displaying offers and campaigns, as well as others that aimed at increasing engagement with the product.

Spending With Friends

Being among or in touch with friends is when our target group is happiest. We wanted Pokus to be there for its users during those times. Various functions were crafted to make those social experiences even more enjoyable. Be it sharing the bill at a break in a coffee shop, managing the expenses of a road trip, or collecting money for a birthday present, Pokus steps in to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Our process

Behind the scenes

User Research

Following a detailed system analysis, we identified the proto personas to conduct adetailed user research. We asked 10 users to keep diary of their daily cash interactions and payment habits to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and problems.

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

In these workshops conducted with the client team, function ideas were generated and prioritised with respect to the needs of the target users.

Naming & Branding Identity

Selecting “the youth” as the prioritised target group for the app and having insight into their needs, we defined the essence of the brand as “magic”. Name alternatives were then generated and Pokus was chosen. We then created the brand identity elements such as logo, print material format, and corporate communication materials.

Structural Design

The design process started with categorising the functions into a logical information architecture. For over 80 transactions we have designed user flows to make sure that in Pokus users can reach their functional and emotional targets while using our app.

Visual Design

Three visual concepts were generated and presented to the client. After the final selection, visuals for more than 600 screens were designed and the design system was developed, revealing the detailed usage for all of the involved components, including interactive elements, icons and illustration sets.

Usability Testing

To make sure that our design reaches our objectives of ease and engagement user tests were conducted. The improvable aspects of the design were identified and updated to ensure the best version of the app was available from day one.

Design System Guardian

Since 2016 to this day, we have been the guardian of the design system we have created for Pokus. Be it the addition of new functions in line with customer engagement strategy or, responding to regulatory changes, sustaining and improving the design system for our client.

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