SIDES Restaurant Design

A Magnet For GEN-Z Super Fans


Store Concept

Brand Application

Toolkit Development

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Design System Guardianship
Restaurant Design

The challenge

Ride the wave of the Sidemen fandom, and design SIDES their new mainstream fast food restaurant challenger brand.

YouTube supergroup, The Sidemen continue to grow their empire beyond their 21 million online subscribers as they diversify their business portfolio, through drinks brands like PRIME and XIX Vodka alongside fashion and music labels. SIDES is their first venture in to physical spaces. We were challenged to deliver a high-octane experience, unlike any other fast-food restaurant in the world, to challenge convention and to extend the appeal of the brand beyond the original GEN-Z super fans, thus creating a sustainable brand across the globe.

The big idea

An interactive and socially engaged fast-food experience design, co-curated by the GEN-Z Sidemen super fans and an increasingly global audience.

SIDES Socials

One of the key features of SIDES restaurant design is the LED banner that runs through the space connecting key touch points in the customer journey from the entrance to the pick-up point and drinks refuel station. The dynamic digital ticker integrates live-feed social content, brand updates and exclusive product promotions – encouraging guests to interact and engage with the brand on a local and global platform. Working in harmony with the other digital media throughout the restaurant, the overall environment is bold and energetic – reflecting the spirit of the brand and its creators.

Creators Launchpad

At the heart of SIDES flagship design, we have developed the concept of a ‘Creators Launchpad’ the focal point of the dine-in experience with a digital backdrop live streaming the #SidemenSundays or re-runs of fans favourite content – it can be quickly transformed into a stage for VIP guest appearances, launch events and DJ nights – ensuring the space is always active and engaging.

What an incredible job I-AM has done on SIDES design! ...NEXT LEVEL INCREDIBLE!!!!

Gordon McDermott, Director of Food & Beverage at SIDES

GEN-Z User Experience

Research studies tell us that GEN-Z customers, in particular, favour mobile first ordering, putting them in control of their experience and allowing them to customise their order within the comfort of their own-devices. The in-store ordering experience leans heavily on self-service and mobile ordering systems – inviting customers to scan QR codes or to ‘Swipe Left / Right’ to order. As a brand it opens the potential to build loyalty and engage with their customers beyond the store through direct and social channels.

Curated for content creators

We have carefully curated the experience for SIDES fast food restaurant design to maximise the potential for customers to share content and engage with the brand from within the space. Key components including the SIDES Community table, Beer tap style Sauce Pumps and bespoke SIDES branded wallpaper form the perfect drop for fresh Instagram-worthy content. Additionally, we have introduced a playful tone of voice throughout the space which acts as Easter Eggs for the super fans – linking the brand back to memorable moments from iconic Sidemen videos – if you know you know!

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