TEB Business Digital Banking UX Design

Business Banking Transformed


System Analysis

Primary User Research and Analysis

Strategic Consultation

UI and UX Design

Usability Testing


Business Unit & Customers Research Hours


New Functions & Feature Ideas


Screens Designed

The challenge

Transforming TEB's online banking platform into a compelling reason for business customers to choose it as their primary financial companion.

TEB, a partner of BNP Paribas Group, has been serving different business customers of varying scales, from multinational corporations to local SMEs. Their internet banking (IB) platform needed an upgrade, to surpass its competitors. To reach this mission, TEB needed a partner twhocould effectively understand the complexities surrounding the business ecosystems and processes. They not only believed in our power to simplify the seemingly complex, but they also trusted in our expertise in understanding and responding to different customer segment needs. All bought together in our creative process that combines method and spark.

The big idea

Creating an innovative platform that goes beyond standard internet banking, serves like a personal assistant and supports users in previously unimagined ways.

Giving the Control Back to the User

Most of our research findings pointed to the need for “control in managing the finances”, day-to-day and in the long term. The new SME digital banking design provides full transparency of financial transactions, covering various accounts of various banks, and also the overview of the current status, past and upcoming transactions. Putting AI into work, we designed cash flow forecast notifications that analyse expense and revenue patterns in the past and allow customers to be ready for future challenges and opportunities.

Simplifying Rather Complex Processes

Observation of customers' daily work life indicated inefficiencies in various financial transactions. One of our main objectives was to simplify these processes using the power of digitalisation. For the new platform, we designed practical and effective flows, as well as easy-to-use screens that allow full transparency of the process, be it a loan application, an overdraft usage or distributor payment and invoicing management.

Business banking platforms have a variety of users with different profiles, complex products, detailed processes, and therefore comprehensive needs. I-AM, by listening to and understanding customers, business units, and IT, has brilliantly combined all these complex elements and has done a best-in-class job. Their approach of prioritising the end user for the experience and developing solutions for this, along with their expertise in current technology and UX/UI, is admirable.

Nurullah Beyter, Director of SME Banking Digital Transformation at TEB

A Banking Experience that Works Like a Dream

We aimed for every transaction to be carried out as easy as 1,2,3 (clicks). User tests ensured that the intuitive design principles applied allowed even novice employees to be able to understand the process. We added various details that make a difference in the daily lives of IB’s users, such as auto-suggested recipients for payments based on the patterns of past data, or recommendations for the next best actions at the end of each transaction.

Our process

Behind the scenes

System Analysis

In order to have a complete understanding of the rather complex business banking products, services and operations, we conducted 80+ hrs of consultations and workshops with different business units. We searched for ways to simplify the processes and display products and services in a straightforward manner. We also created proto-personas based on the insight we gained while working with the TEB team.

User Research

It was essential for us to understand the varying needs of different customer segments, from micro SMEs to large corporations. We conducted 72+ hours of TEB customer interviews to understand their financial needs and their day-to-day requirements. These sessions were followed by observational studies to explore the intuitive actions that go unmentioned as well as validate the findings of interviews.

Ideation & Strategy

In 4 different ideation sessions, we searched for innovative answers to questions like “How might we simplify the tax payment process?”, and “How might we get customers to feel supported in managing their cash?”. All these ideas were presented to the business units, and we then asked them to design their ideal screens for their section in IB, in participatory design workshops. 240 new functions and feature ideas were generated and assessed.

Structural Design

The function and feature ideas were substantiated with detailed user flows at this stage. For over 120 flows we have designed the wire flows that ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency within the platform.

Usability Testing

For each of the 13 different modules of the platform, we have usability testing sessions with TEB customers. These sessions were analysed in order to find the improvable aspects of the design and to elevate the design even further.

Visual Design

The visual concept was generated in line with the professional yet energetic brand identity of TEB business banking. 800+ screens were designed and a design system that encompasses all visual and interactive elements, and descriptions for their usage was developed.

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