Connecting with the Neighborhood.


Primary User Research and Analysis

User / Customer Insight

User Testing

Branded Experience and Interior Design

Brand Application

Community Building


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

SBID Finalist, Retail


Increased Footfall

The challenge

Create a life-led and localised store experience.

Turkcell wanted their brand/store to feel more localised, using a unique experience that was non-standardised. They wanted a concept that was less focused on technology and more on life.

The big idea

An experience store integrated with the culture and spirit of the street.

Overflow of the Street Into the Store

Our design was aimed at immersing the customer into the culture of historical Taksim, Beyoğlu with access to the touchstone of this particular neighbourhood, the trams of Istiklal Avenue, within the store. The original posters of all the shows, festivals and events sponsored by Turkcell were displayed throughout the store; reflecting the brand’s endorsement of art and culture.

Dance, Move and Discover

Turkcell wanted a store design concept that could showcase a large range of products in an exciting and engaging way. With that in mind, we created an experience-based store, integrated with the street spirit, comprising of three main zones, where customers can easily interact with the products. The 'Dance' and 'Move' experience zones allow customers to try sports and music products. In the 'Discover' zone, customers can experience IoT products.

We are truly delighted with I-AM’s dedication, performance and commitment. They’ve achieved and exceeded our expectations within the heavily competitive telecom environment of Turkey.

Alıcı Gökçe Trade Marketing Director, Turkcell

Comfortable Customer Service

Tables and chairs to match the character of Beyoğlu street cafes, complement the overall store design. At the unit, where coffee is served and IOT products associated with catering are displayed and customer services team can interact. Street furniture within the store integrates with trees and real paving stones guide the visitor towards the various zones.

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