Pizza Union Branded Experience Design

Celebrating Super Fast Pizza


Brand Strategy and Identity
Brand Application
Branded Environment and Interior Design


Exceeded target sales

Restaurant & bar award nominated

Top 10 best pizza in London

The challenge

To design a new brand
and interior to express their super-fast authentic pizza concept.

The high-quality ingredients, Neapolitan influence and authentic stone-baked cooking method required a brand that would not only draw on their Italian influences, but also project a cool urban personality.

The big idea

We have created a fast-paced pizza bar that goes right back to the origins of pizza from Naples, served in under five minutes.

Embracing the Italian Grandeur

We designed this logo to symbolise premium quality and the grandeur of Italy's history, setting the tone for an exceptional dining experience that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. Our design philosophy ensures that every aspect of Pizza Union's brand experience exudes a rich and captivating ambience, making each visit a unique and unforgettable journey into Italy's culinary heritage.

Where Tradition Meets Artistry

The heart of the Pizza Union design is in the iconic oven, a focal point that greets you as you enter. It's not just a cooking device; it's the symbol of Pizza Union's commitment to the finest pizzas and creating an unforgettable ambience. The sight of the open oven immediately transports guests to the heart of Italy, where the art of pizza-making is a revered tradition.

The I-AM team were a pleasure to deal with. They made sure they really understood our brand, what it stood for, and our target customer base, and were then very creative and original in their thinking, design and implementation.

Bobby Hashemi, Founder at Pizza Union

Celebrating Food at Pizza Union

Pizza Union's interiors are as diverse as they are distinctive, yet they all share a common ethos: a sense of warmth and stripped-back authenticity that reflects the unique nature of each building. This design philosophy places the spotlight squarely on their exceptional food. Whether you're in the Dalston, Kings Cross or Spitalfields restaurant, the focus is unwaveringly on the greatness of their pizza.